© Michael Traub – The Citizen: “Beautifully staged and sung. (…) The sets and costumes by Johan Engels are magnificent, historically accurate, colourful and evocative. The stark contrast between the salon of the Countess in Act I and the ruins of Paris in Act II is especially penetrating”

© Dick Turpin – The Star Tomight: “Chénier enchants. (…) Johan Engels’ decor and costumes reek of ‘sansculotte’ revolutionary fervour and succeeded in in being as imaginatively ‘Verismo’ as Girodano intended it to be.”

© Riek Van Rensburg – Pretoria News: “Chénier a stunning production  (…) Johan Engels’ equally stunning sets and costumes are apt to the spirit of the piece and together with commendable lighting and choreography contributed towards a unified conception” (…) making for irresistible theatre and probably the best opera production in PACT’s history”


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