© David Fanning – The Telegraph: “David Pountney’s staging and Johan Engels’ two-level design are faithful to both libretto and music, which they entirely vindicate.”

© George Loomis – New York Times: “(…) the work was brilliantly served by David Pountney’s production. Johan Engels’ two-level set, with the ship above and the camp below — bleakly characterized by railroad tracks and wooden bunks — facilitated the shift in action from one to the other. Marie Jeanne Lecca’s realistic costumes, which dressed all those on board ship in white, heightened the contrast.”

© Eleonore Büning – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung: “The luxury ocean liner world is snow white and sits like an absurd hat creation on top of the camp misery, which is depicted as realistically as possible by stage designer Johan Engels: with the oven doors of the crematorium from which human ashes are shoveled out, with the naked walls, the wooden bunk beds and the train tracks that end at the edge of the stage.”



© Bregenzer Festspiele – Interview mit Zofia Posmysz