© Kate Molleson – The Guardian: “This is one of the last productions that designer Johan Engels created before his sudden death in November, and it looks good. The costumes are eye-catching, set and lighting clever, crowd scenes stylishly done.

© Catriona Graham – The Opera Critic: “Scottish Opera’s Orfeo (…) is enhanced by the designs of the late Johan Engels – a translucent cube, with angular marble effect, which Mark Jonathan lights black for the tomb, red for Hades and green for Elysium.

© David Smythe – Bachtrack: “(…) a large revolving perspex box, (…), when cunningly lit by Mark Jonathan and peopled by singers and dancers in wild abstracted costumes, Johan Engels’ designs bounced the classical tale of Orfeo and Euridice into vivid focus and was a feast for the eyes.”

© Neil Jones – Opera Now: “The action took place in and around a large rotating cube of transparent engraved plastic, open on one side. Both set and costumes were designed by Johan Engels, who, sadly, died suddenly after completion of the design work but before the performances.”

© Tom Dibdin – The Stage: “Johan Engels’ costumes have all the lines and block colours of classic 1950s Hollywood. But if this hints at an era, the giant perspex cube he has placed on a central revolve creates a timeless setting. It works perfectly with Mark Jonathan’s lighting scheme – more block colour and clever use of reflection on and through the fractured perspex.”