© Mark Swed – Los Angeles Times: “The lavishly detailed sets and costumes (…) are complex, lavish and clever, mixing realism and surrealism.”

© Carol Jean Delmar – Opera Theater Ink: “This production (…) is elaborate and visual. A revolving stage keeps the audience watching. Whether looking at the principal singers ascending a spiral staircase; whether eyeing a theater bedecked with red draperies or the intricately decorated residence of Thaïs; whether viewing an oasis in the desert or a monastery garden — the meticulously executed set changes and visions are spectacular. Engels’ costumes are exquisite no matter what period represented (…) and this “Thaïs” is a production to be seen, remembered, savored, and revived.”

© Paul Sellar – Stage and Cinema: “Johan Engels’ sets and costumes are immensely stunning and Linus Fellbom’s considered lighting creates visually attractive drama.”

© Julie Riggott – Culture Spot LA: “(…) colorful, glittering, luxurious costumes populating an elaborate rotating theater set (…) serves up a feast for the eyes and the ears.”

© Edison Millan – Living Out Loud LA: “The stage and the different sets were magnificent and beautifully constructed. The lighting was perfect, in that it was part of the set itself and provided stunning visual effects. The costumes were phenomenal and very vibrant, which added to the show’s aesthetic appeal.”

© Simon Williams – Opera News: “Johan Engels, the scenery and costume designer, emphasized stylistic contrast, with extravagant lushness dominating the first two acts, followed by a pleasing astringency in the desert at the end, strikingly lit by Linus Fellbom.”