© Andy Rice – Daily Maverick: “(…) the scenery is simply the most elaborate and inventive I’ve ever seen. There’s a double-decker contraption where a street scene suddenly rises up and an entire changing room appears below, a revolving football pitch, a scarily real street-riot scene and a full Irish pub where you could probably be pulled a real pint of Guinness to take the edge off your amazement.”

© Leon van Nierop – “it is a lavish production, perhaps one of the best the great Janice Honeyman has ever staged. (…). On a theatre and musical level it is a local production of note with magnificent and highly functional set designs by Johan Engels. This may be the best work this great designer has ever done. The frequent movement of the stage to different levels, the lifting and lowering of different sets and locations, the turning of the revolving stage and the colourful re-interpretation of “the beautiful game” is quite splendid and extraordinary. Many of the sets and the economical use of the massive stage is a beautiful sight to behold which sometimes takes the breath away. “