© Alfred Hickling – The Guardian: “Johan Engels’ design features a dazzling white plain without a cherry blossom in sight. Even the few sticks of furniture Madame Ranevskaya is so attached to seem to melt into thin air, as if the orchard and estate were simply a chimera.”

© North Wales Daily Post: “The play can’t be described as a tragedy or as a comedy, it contains something of both and director Terry Hands has achieved the perfect balance (…) This, combined with Johan Engels’ stunning design, makes for compelling theatre.”

© John Peter – The Times: “Johan Engels’s set is spare and abstract, with few props and no claustrophobic interiors, brilliantly lit by Hands himself. The result is not abstract, it’s poetic. It reveals, behind Chekhov the social and psychological observer, the symbolist, whose characters are living, and partly living, under a red, darkening sky.”


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