© Victor Hallett – The Stage: “Shakespeare’s cynical picture of the Trojan War is so ripe for updating that it comes as a gratifying shock that Terry Hands’ epic production is firmly in period allowing us to draw our own parallels. Johan Engels’ vast and curved empty space allows the characters to sweep on and off in constant energetic flow while Hands has ensured that his cast speaks with understanding and clarity. (…) This magnificent production catches all the contradictory moods of Shakespeare’s tragicomedy making for a grand, sweeping and hugely entertaining spectacle.”

© Pete Wood – British Theatre Guide: “Perhaps the first thing to say is that the design by Johan Engels is stunning. The play opens with a single figure, clad from head to foot in golden armour, striding through the darkness across a sweep of what looks like earth or brick. Costumes are non-specific in terms of period and include leather trousers, boots, swathes of brightly coloured fabric and distressed Barber-type cloaks. Giant pieces of statuary including a golden head and a large horse descend.”


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